It’s been my honour to serve as your full-time City Councillor, fighting hard for Ward 2.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with community associations, neighbours, advisory groups, community based organizations and business leaders to make sure that the City is working for all of us. We’ve tackled nasty problems like frozen water lines and drainage issues. We’ve begun prioritizing boarded up buildings, and the crystal meth crisis. On the infrastructure side, forgotten sidewalks are starting to get much needed attention, improving accessibility for all.

Our community is diverse and exciting. We have strong and deep roots as a community and we care for one another. We’re also experiencing a lot of change. As our city continues to grow, I’m committed to working with you to make sure that the community we’ve built here remains strong and welcoming.

COVID-19 has challenged us all to focus on what’s important. Through this pandemic, I’ve supported a focus on the basics to make sure that there is no doubt about the services you depend on from the City: water, wastewater, electricity, fire protection, and more. Providing relief to businesses and households struggling with monthly expenses through delayed property taxes and utility payments has been critical to us getting through this together. As COVID arrived in our community, I joined a group forming to coordinate supports for the nonprofit sector as we faced down COVID-19. As partners we pivoted to create the Interagency Response to COVID-19 to make sure that food and housing organizations could keep serving those who need it most and do it safely. I’m proud of the way our community came together to make sure that residents in vulnerable situations would have access to the services they need even during an unprecedented and unpredictable pandemic situation. This level of support has been made possible by the partnership we’d grown over the last three years, and new partners rising to the challenge.

It’s time to keep our focus clear, and set our community up for a successful recovery. With the experience our community needs, I will continue to be a strong voice for your priorities, contributing to a stable community that works better for everyone each day. Together we can ensure our community is safe and that we can all be happy and healthy here together. 

Thank you for your interest in the future representation of our Ward 2 community and city. I'm asking for your support on November 9th and would be grateful for your support in this campaign as well. 

Priorities Working for You