It has been an honour to serve as your representative on City Council the last four years.

Skip ahead to read about how I've been working for you over the last four years.

I’m eager to continue working with you on a number of key priorities that are gaining momentum.

 Community Safety & Wellbeing

 Strong Neighbourhoods

 Investment in Ward 2

 Sustainable Outcomes

 Amplifying Voices 

 A Stable Recovery from COVID-19


Community Safety & Wellbeing

With unprecedented collaboration in place, it’s time to come together to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for community level investment in wellbeing and safety. 

  • The Safe Community Action Alliance - a group of 50+ agencies and partners formed in 2017 with support from the City - has developed a plan to address the Crystal Meth crisis. Next up, we need to bring all partners to the table to implement it. 
  • Council supported my request to create a Community Safety and Wellbeing strategy framework. Next up, creating and then implementing this plan to improve wellbeing and reduce crime through community collaboration and investment.
  • COVID-19 has required unprecedented collaboration around homelessness response - this continues to strengthen with the new Pilot Project in the Downtown. Next up, we need a comprehensive rental housing strategy and collaboration at all orders of government to make sure everyone in our community has a safe place to call home.
  • A New Central Library is in the works. Next up, we need full engagement to ensure this investment results in a space for the whole city that represents our community, our commitment to one another, and the investment we’re making in our future.

Strong Neighbourhoods

With new investments in property maintenance and sidewalks, it’s time to keep up the momentum to ensure that the state of our neighbourhoods matches our neigbourhood pride

  • Through steady investment over the last few years, we’re now repairing roadways at the targeted frequency of 1/20 years (did you know it used to be 1/80+ years!!). Next up, sidewalks will get the investment bump they need through the $8+ Million injection for 2021/2022 that we’ve made, meaning better accessibility through corner ramps and trip hazard repairs as well as building sidewalks where there aren’t any.
  • We’ve ramped up response and resolution to property maintenance issues such as boarded up properties and safety issues due to neglect. Council approved my request to add staff and resources, but we need more. Next up, we need to achieve a level of investment and collaboration that matches the pride we have in our neighbourhoods, moving from a reactive state to a proactive state.

Investment in Ward 2

With several projects on the cusp of development such as the South Caswell Bus Barns, the multi-use trail next to the CP Tracks, affordable Housing in Pleasant Hill village, and planning underway for a leisure centre, it’s time to ensure these projects reflect our community’s needs from start to finish

  • We now have endorsement for a City Center Recreation Facility on 20th Street. Next up, hearing from Ward 2 residents on your priorities for this new project in our area.
  • Some major background work has taken place on a few big projects for our area. Next up, a redevelopment agreement for the South Caswell Bus Barns, shovels in the ground on affordable housing at Pleasant Hill Village, and new multi-use path construction along the CP tracks to better connect our neighbourhoods.

Amplifying Voices

Ward 2 neighbourhoods are diverse. I understand the importance of amplifying and elevating voices that are often marginalized. It's time that more voices are involved in decision making and that diverse expertise is part of making sure that public investments benefit our whole community. 

  • With a new Community Engagement strategy in place its time to ensure that the capacity follows to make it a reality. We all deserve to have our voices heard.
  • There are great targets in place for achieving a representative and equitable voice in decision-making spaces. Now we need to achieve those targets for better decisions that make our community great for everyone.

Sustainable Outcomes

When it comes to the future of our community, decisions need to be sustainable - both financially, and environmentally. Smart investments can ensure that living in Saskatoon is affordable, and sustainable.

  • A new Triple Bottom Line assessment tool is being used to make sure big decisions consider all options to reach multiple outcomes - with a view to overall financial and environmental sustainability. Working with partners will help the City to find the best way forward for all of us.
  • The City now has a roadmap to reduce emissions, build a greener community, and save residents money. Next up, we need to ramp up smart and attainable investments and community-wide work to reach our efficiency and sustainability targets.

A Stable Recovery from COVID-19

COVID-19 has challenged us all to focus on what’s important. Through this pandemic, I’ve supported a focus on the basics to make sure that there is no doubt about the services you depend on from the City: water, wastewater, electricity, fire protection, and more. In addition, I know that providing relief to businesses and households struggling with monthly expenses through delayed property taxes and utility payments was critical to us getting through the first uncertain months of this challenge together. As COVID arrived in our community, I was part of leading a group forming to coordinate supports for the nonprofit sector as we faced this new uncertainty. When our community needed it the most, we pivoted to create the Interagency Response to COVID-19 to make sure that food and housing organizations could keep serving those who need it most. I’m proud of the way our community came together to make sure that residents in vulnerable situations would have the services they need even during an unprecedented and unpredictable pandemic situation. This was made possible by the partnership we’d grown over the last 3 years. Our community continues to need strong collaboration and partnerships as we look ahead to the months and years ahead.

It’s time to keep our focus clear, and set our community up for a successful recovery. With the experience our community needs, I will continue to be a strong voice for your priorities, contributing to a stable community that works better for everyone each day. Together we can ensure our community is safe and that we can all be happy and healthy here together. 


Working For You

In 2017

  • Accelerated the lead pipe replacement project and pushed to make sure that affordable payment options were available to homeowners.
  • Supported new investment in Access Transit and continued accessibility improvements to conventional Transit buses and stops.
  • Supported closer partnerships with other municipalities in the region, the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Tribal Council, the homebuilding industry and more.
  • Held the Province accountable for services provided by municipalities and minimized impact to residents due to cuts in the provincial budget.

In 2018

  • participated in the creation of the Safe Community Action Alliance 
    • A group of 50+ organizations tackling the toughest safety issues such as the Crystal Meth crisis in our community
  • supported increased investment in sidewalks - 33km of sidewalks replaced or repaired in 2018
  • Opening of the Chief Mistawasis and Traffic bridges
  • Renewed the naming process to better represent the diversity of contributions in our community
  • Improved diversity on advisory committees to City Council  

 In 2019

  • Endorsed the Low Emissions Community Plan, and the implementation of select sustainability projects including transition to LED street lighting
  • Completed the transition to the accessible model for all of Transit buses
  • Supported an Intelligent Transportation System strategy including rail safety improvements
  • Moved ahead with the loan required for the New Central Library project following 10 years of saving.
  • Finalized the routing for the Bus Rapid Transit system 
  • Added capacity for property maintenance response

 In 2020

  • Worked to form the InterAgency Response to COVID-19 working directly with frontline non-profit agencies to ensure that emergency housing and food services could continue to be provided safely made space for youth involvement in the COVID-19 response efforts of the Saskatoon InterAgency Response to COVID-19
  • Initiated a new process to address boarded up buildings through the Saskatoon Fire Department in collaboration with community associations partners
  • Initiated the development of a community-wide public safety strategy to serve as our roadmap to effective community wellbeing investments along with sustainable and reflective emergency response
  • Supported the release of a plan to tackle the crystal meth epidemic in our community - possible due to unprecedented community collaboration on safety issues in Saskatoon through the Safe Community Action Alliance
  • Achieved new investment in rail safety through intelligent transportation systems

Creative and Collaborative Leadership


Active & reliable taking direction from Ward 2 residents. 

  • Serving Ward 2 full time since 2016, I am a strong voice for your priorities
  • I publish monthly newsletters, and am responsive to email, phone, text, and social media
  • I participate regularly at community association meetings in all 8 neighbourhoods, and am an active member of 5 civic committees, 3 national committees, and 3 community boards including the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership and the Saskatoon Public Library


Meeting challenges head on through creative problem solving.

  • I’m proud to be moving the dial on longstanding issues like boarded up properties and industrial nuisance through neighbour-city collaboration
  • I have been active in removing unnecessary financial and policy barriers to housing development in our community
  • Based on resident concerns, I led the establishment of an affordability solution for the lead pipe upgrades and a proactive solution to repeated instances of frozen pipes in winter


Bringing our diverse community together to make progress

  • Having helped to establish the Safe Community Action Alliance - a group of 50+ agencies demonstrating unprecedented collaboration on safety issues such as the crystal meth crisis in Saskatoon, I am glad to participate in its work
  • Achieving broad support at Council on issues of importance for Ward 2 residents like funding for area projects and sidewalks, improved affordability for city programs, and initiation of a comprehensive community safety strategy has been a priority